Mobile Phone


All you need is a device that connects to internet

Man on Computer


You don't need to install anything! 

Cup of Coffee


A nice cup of coffee is probably all you will need :)


All you need is a device which enables you to open a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.)

Any of the following will work


  • cell phone

  • laptop

  • desktop

  • tablet 


No need to install any software unless you want to!


  • We will be using python Jupyter notebooks in Google Colab for all tutorials


  • To access Google Colab all you need is your uw email address

  • If you really want to install python you are free to do so, it is free to download



Get a nice warm cup of tea or coffee :)

Congratulations to the first three students who indicated the correct mass of caffeine in atomic units!

The correct answer was m = 353994.00669248484 au ... or rounded to 3 significant figures, m = 354000 au

Note: atomic units are not the same as atomic mass units.